The Holy Dusters (engleza)

The Holy Dusters (engleza)

The Holy Dusters by Judith Wermuth – Atkinson

Stare: noua cu defect pe margine langa cotor
Format: paperback
An aparitie: 2015
pagini 69 in limba engleza

„People age but life does not. It either is or it is not.”
In seven fragments, Judith Wermuth – Atkinson tells the stories of old people from different societies and cultures of our present time – from England to New England, Germany, India and post-World War II Bulgaria. This is an appeal for attention to our attitudes toward the elderly. The author stresses that although „old age seems to be an inconvenience for many families, for society, and most certainly for the economics of any state” we should remember that „the old peopleof our time are the creators of this time” and that „what today represents for us was their project, their work – not just ours.”

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